Mission Statement

It is the mission of RG Bar Services to provide an affordable mobile bar service, while maintaining an exceptional level of high quality customer service.

Roy Givon

About the owner

Roy Givon, the founder and owner of RG Bar Services, has been a certified bartender since 2004. In addition, he worked in the Food and Beverage industry, primarily in catering, banquets, and private events, since 2000.
Roy took all that he has learned about Customer Service and making customers happy, combined it with his knowledge of mixology, and fused them with passion and enthusiasm to establish RG Bar Services.
Roy’s philosophy was and still is that satisfied customers will come again, however happy customers will not only come back, but they will also refer others! Due to that line of thinking, Roy puts a strong emphasis not only on the high performance and interaction of his bartenders with the guests, but also on the Customer Service before and after the event.


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