Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is our Return Policy?
2. Why hire a bartender?
3. What is the recommended staffing for the bar?
4. Does RG Bar Services carry Liquor Liability Insurance?
5. What is recommended as alcohol quantities?
6. Can RG Bar Services provide the alcohol?
7. Does RG Bar Services provide the bar and equipment needed?
8. Can RG Bar Services provide other supplies such as cups and ice?
9. What kind of cups do we offer?
10. Keg or bottle beer?
11. What is a Jockey Box and why is it the best method?
12. What size bottles are preferred?
13. Is there a traveling fee for events away from San Diego?
14. Is there a deposit requirement?
15. When is the final payment due?
16. Any other questions or concerns?










What is our Return Policy?

We strongly request that all bartenders and other employees will be returned to us at the end of every event. Oh... and all the equipment as well...Smile :)
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Why hire a bartender?

There are many reasons to hire a bartender for your event instead of a friend or worse, yourself. Among those reasons you can find the followings:
1. Frees yourself and your friends to focus on the party and the guests.
2. Reduce your personal liability (especially if the bartender is insured!).
3. Bartenders knowledge of mixed drinks can enrich your party and the fun of you and your guests.
4. Bartenders are trained to deal with alcohol abuse and other alcohol related issues.
5. Bartenders can bring with them equipment for the bar that you might be missing.

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What is the recommended staffing for the bar?

The following numbers are not written in stone but are recommended for best service:

Standard - A bartender for every 80 guests.
Premium - A bartender for every 50 guests.

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Does RG Bar Services carry Liquor Liability Insurance?

Yes, we do carry insurance! Many locations, from parks and recreation centers to the local club house, will require the bartender to be insured. Although many bartenders do not carry such insurance, RG Bar Services does. When planning your event, make sure to inquire if insurance is required, and avoid problems down the road.

In addition, we recently upgraded our insurance to include Balboa Club House, Carlsbad Seapointe Resort. and other sites with unique insurance requirements.

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Can RG Bar Services provide the alcohol?

ABC guideline # 23300 and 23355 state that it is illegal to sell alcohol without proper permits. Based on those guidelines, even buying the alcohol and then selling it "face value" to the client is illegal!
Following the above, and because we do not carry an Alcohol Sales Permit, we cannot provide the alcohol.

However, this actually is an advantage for you!! Consider the followings and you'll see why it is actually a better deal for you:
1. The average cost-per-guest for companies that do provide the alcohol is over $15. That makes the cost for 100 people, after tax and gratuity, to be over $2000!
Providing the alcohol can cut the bar expenses by 50% or more!.
2. When the client provides the alcohol, the client also has better control on which brand of alcohol is used!.
3. Every drop of alcohol that was not used, is returned back to the client (who purchased it)!

Due to the above, we ask for the client to provide the alcohol. In order to help the client, we work with our clients to create an alcohol and supply list long before the day of the event.
A basic list of items needed for a full bar can be downloaded by clicking here. Please note that this list is provided as a suggestion only. For more information please call us at (858) 395-3043.

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Does RG Bar Services provide the bar and equipment needed?

Being a mobile service in nature, we are flexible and self sufficient to work almost anywhere needed. We can provide the bar station itself or we can work off of an existing bar station, or even kitchen counter. All standard bar equipment will also be provided by us. If you have something special you would like us to use, check with us first to see if we carry it or if we can rent it for the day of the event. Contact us and we will discuss the available options for your event. Call us at 858.395.3043 or e-mail us at:

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Can RG Bar Services provide other supplies such as cups and ice?

With pleasure! Although we cannot provide the alcohol, anything else can be provided by RG Bar Services at the appropriate cost. That includes the bar fruits, cups, napkins, straws, ice, and more. Talk to us about your plans for your event and we'll be happy to work with you on all the supply you may need. One example for unique supply is a cinnamon flavored real whipped cream that we have provided to make the perfect Italian Apple Cider.

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Keg or bottle beer?

There are several factors that one should consider when deciding between a keg or a bottle beer. Following are some of the considering point:

1. A standard keg (known better as the Half Keg) can produce about 144 cups of beer. Bottled beer is only one cup at a time.
2. Using a keg limits you to one beer all the way while bottled beer can be made of an assortment.
3. A keg should be return to the store, while unopened bottled beer can be stored for later.
4. The cost of a keg is lower than the cost of 144 bottles of beer.
5. The average usage is one drink per guest per hour.
6. The more options you provide at the bar, the less people will drink beer.

With all of the above in mind, consider how many people will actually drink beer at your event, how much beer, and the preferences of beer people have. Our personal preferences is to recommend against a keg for groups under 150 people (or 100 people if the bar will offer only beer and wine).

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What is a Jockey Box and why is it the best method?

In some cases a keg is preferred over bottled beer. In those cases, one must decide how to tap the keg. There are three main methods to tap a keg in a non-permanent location. Those three methods are described below:

1. Hand pump - Pushes air into the keg by manually working a pump. This method requires the most manual labor, slowest, and causes the quality of the beer to be reduced.
2. Jockey box - This method uses CO2 to push the beer through a coil that is submerged inside a cooler filled with ice. In this method the beer comes out colder, requires less manual work, and the keg can be de-pressurized for continues use..
3. Deluxe Jockey box - This unit has connections for TWO kegs, EACH with 120 ft coil (over twice the length of a regular box). This causes the beer to be much colder and less foamy. It allows the connection of two kegs which saves on room and space.

RG Bar Services offers only the Deluxe Jockey Box.

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What size bottles are preferred?

The most comfortable alcohol bottles for bartenders are the 1L bottles. They are big enough to not run out too fast, but more important, they are small enough to hold comfortably and they can fit in speed racks. The larger bottles, although sometimes more economical, are much harder to maneuver quickly and usually will not fit in a speed rack.

As for soft drinks, we recommend going with cans because of the comfort in controlling a can compared to a full heavy 2L bottles.

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Is there a traveling fee for events away from San Diego?

We will not charge for traveling within most parts of the San Diego County and some of its near neighborhoods. However, if the location is remote, a small charge might be added according to the relative distance. With that in mind, please note we will discuss any fee or charge long before the event itself.  We will never add any fees not previously agreed upon by both sides!

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Down payment

Due to the nature of the food industry, we require a certain amount as a down payment. That amount will vary from one event to the other but will usually be around 25 percent of the invoice. We do request that the down payment will be paid no later than 72 hours prior to the event in order to give us time to purchase the desired items, special equipment, and so on. Please note that sometimes the down payment might be higher if a special item is asked for. On the other hand, in some cases, the down payment may be waived all together.

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Final payment

As a rule of thumb, we ask for the balance due to be paid at the end of the event. However, we do understand that it is not always possible. Therefore we ask that the final payment will be settled within 72 hours after the event itself. Payment can be in the form of cash, check, or online credit card payment.

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Other issues

For any additional question or concerns, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at: or by phone at: (858) 395-3043.