Mixing knowledge and high customer service skills...

A letter from Roy Givon, founder and owner of "RG Bar Service"

Greetings to you!

Years of serving customers, hundreds of events, and personal research, taught me a major lesson in business; although the product is important, the quality of service provided with the product is even more important. With that concept in mind, I decided to open a bartending services company that will be noted for its extreme high level of customer service. High level of service which will go hand in hand with the skilled bartenders and their mixology level.

I entered the Food and Beverage industry in 2000. Since then I have been holding on to three different positions, each taught me a different aspect of the business. As an accountant for the City College Cafe (since 2002) I have learned to manage the finance part of a business, including working with vendors and cash accountability. As the head server for Old World Catering (since 2001) I learned to manage people and customers and many little tricks that makes a catering business a profitable one. Finally, I took the time to become an experienced bartender myself and today I have thousands of bartending hours in both bars and banquettes (since 2003).

Taking all the knowledge and skills I have accumulated and putting them together brought me to the point I felt I was ready to fulfill my dream and open RG Bar Services.

At this point I want to thank all the people that stand by me and support me every step of the way. People like the family and friends, teachers and mentors, and every clerk and hard working men and women that assisted me along the way, to all I give thanks. But the most important people are my customers, for if not for them, this entire business would be pointless!

So to all the people who crossed my path, thank you!
And to those who are yet to cross, please contact me today and allow me to show you how mixology can come with extreme high level customer service!

Best regards,
Roy G.